Billionaire's Lost and Found Love, The - Billionaires of Belmont Book 4

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Hot and single hotel heir, Cole Belmont, wants more than anything to honor his dying father’s last wish to see him settle down with the love of his life. But love will never be on the agenda for him again since his ex-fiancée, Hope Morgan, walked out of his life and fled Belmont three years ago—without so much as a reason why, along with any dreams Cole had of true love and happily ever after. But when Hope mysteriously returns, his whole world is turned upside down again. Can Cole ever forgive her?


Hope Morgan has messed up in her life—really bad. She’s fleeing from her past. A dark secret threatens to ruin her chances for a future of happiness with any man, but it is Cole Belmont she really wants. Hope returns to Belmont with her young daughter, but she still can’t come clean about what she did many years earlier…lives could be ruined—including Cole’s. Is it true that “all you need is love”? Can love keep Cole and Hope together and protect her from her dark past?


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