Persuasion How to Sell and Advertise in a Convincing Way

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Learn the secrets of advertising and selling by persuading people the right way.

We are all driven by emotions, desires, and impulses that enter our brains. Methods of persuasion have been used throughout history, some with success and some without. In this audiobook, you’ll find new insights of how the psychology of persuading others to do what you want works. Other sub-topics include:

  • How you can trigger emotions to get people to take out their credit card and buy from you
  • Attitudes and perceptions that have an impact on our way of thinking
  • How our view of the world determines our decisions
  • Adjusting messages and advertising campaigns to create a desire in people and meet their needs
  • Government persuasion techniques through advertising and propaganda
  • Specific Internet strategies to sell more and better, and generate more revenue and customer satisfaction