Love Forever Yours

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Ellie is a strong, independent woman. Hell, she’s stronger and can handle power tools better than most men she knows. Then again, when you’re raised in the lumber and hardware business, Ellie was bound to learn a thing or two or three.

Taylor needs to make a change. When a friend tells him a high school teaching job in history is opening up, Taylor jumps at the chance. It’s time to make a new start in a new town.

Everyone know everyone in a small town. Ellie meets the good looking new history teacher and she’s interested. When she finds out that he’s an army veteran, with tours in all the hot spots, has a prosthetic leg, and a young son from a defunct marriage, should she be concerned? Not many things have scared her so far in life. Taylor is just another guy.

Taylor is always interested in intelligent, confident, successful, and beautiful women. Ellie had that something Taylor wanted to know more about.

They fall fast, love hard, and navigate real life.

** For the mature reader due to language and sexual content. **



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