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It only takes a moment for each of us to realize that something needs to be changed. By taking positive action toward that change, the moment of our personal dedication can become an empowered movement! Many little actions soon add up to a lot. By letting little actions accumulate until they become too big to go unnoticed, we begin to change the world.

With contemporary commentary by Judith Williamson, the director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, Napoleon Hill's Action Activities for Health, Wealth, and Happiness will guide you to live your own life, think your own thoughts, find your own goals, and achieve them by gaining power over your own mind. Simply by exercising this profound privilege, you can bring abundance into your life and with it know the greatest wealth of all peace of mind, without which there can be no real happiness.

Organized into short, easily digestible chapters complete with action activity prompts, this audiobook is an interactive experience that can truly change the way you approach your success journey.

Listen to this audiobook and learn how you can begin to make a contribution today that will change the world!


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