HowExpert Guide to Tabletop Roleplaying Games 101 Tips to Start, Play, and Succeed in Tabletop Roleplaying Games

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Take a deep dive into the art of making and playing unforgettable characters in your favorite tabletop roleplaying game! For decades, TTRPGs have been bringing friends together to tell stories of adventure and intrigue. Now the genre has become more popular than ever with appearances in movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more!

But what if you want to add even more immersion to your game? The answer is in roleplaying! With dynamic and popular series such as Critical Role available to watch online, it can be (understandably!) intimidating to start adding more roleplaying to your game. But there is no need to fear!

This comprehensive roleplaying guide will teach you how to:

• Plan and kick off your tabletop RPG experience

• Create your own unique character that is fully immersed in your game’s world

• Find and use inspiration for your TTRPG characters

• Use description to grow your imagination and make more compelling stories

• Adapt your character to your game’s world

• Develop skills that are useful in and outside of the game

• Find your next favorite TTRPG series

• Connect with other gamers!

With a proven process for creating engaging characters honed over many awkward and nerdy years, this guide is your one must-have resource to make and play unforgettable TTRPG characters!

About the Expert

Jeffrey Wright is a proud nerd, avid tabletop gamer, and writer. With nearly two decades of experience playing and running a wide variety of tabletop roleplaying games, Jeffrey Wright has made it his mission to get as many people playing TTRPGs as possible. He credits the freeform immersion offered by tabletop gaming for his outgoing personality, love of writing, and obsessive collecting habits.

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