Benvari Mountains

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The fight was epic…

…and they took the God’s Citadel.

Can they survive the next test?

As they recover, Dave realizes he must learn more. It won’t be the last battle. In the vast VR world of Emerilia, there are many who wield enormous power.

The looming threat…

…will make the Citadel seem like a cakewalk.

If he wants to protect those close to him, he must become stronger.

When his teacher, Kol, tells him he needs to go to the Benvari Mountains and seek out a Dwarven master smith named Jesal, Dave agrees. It won’t be an easy journey, but at least his friends are there to help along the way.

What they didn’t expect was the dragon.

You’ll adore this second installment in the Emerilia LitRPG series, because the journey is one of growth and adventure.

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