Creating Life - The Podcast Transcripts

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Learning to create a unique, immersive life form one podcast episode at a time.

World building strategist Randy Ellefson turned his successful book series, THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, into a popular podcast of the same name, with episodes loosely drawn from each book in the series. The transcripts of 15 episodes are collected here, based on a theme: they’re about CREATING LIFE and inspired by chapters of that volume. Ranging from 25-35 minutes each, the episodes discuss gods, species/races, plants, animals, monsters, heroes, villains, and even undead.

More improvisational and freewheeling than volume one, CREATING LIFE – The PODCAST TRANSCRIPTS (THE ART OF WORLD BUILDING, #4) goes into more detail about everything. Different subjects that are found across volumes are woven together more fluidly here. While one entire episode covers something not found in volume one, the other episodes cover familiar territory but with a new spin. This edition is designed for those who want to dive deep, and for fans of the podcast who’d like a permanent, written copy.

No other world building podcast provides transcripts you can take with you. Whether experts or beginners, storytellers, game designers, gamers, and hobbyists can take their fantasy and science fiction worlds to new levels, benefiting from the author’s quarter century of world building experience.

Build better, faster.