Creating Places - The Podcast Transcripts

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World building strategist Randy Ellefson turned his successful book series, The Art of World Building, into a popular podcast of the same name, with episodes loosely drawn from each book in the series. Listeners who want a written copy, or those who want more details than what’s in volume two, can now benefit from these transcriptions. Creating Places – The Podcast Transcripts (The Art of World Building, #5) includes 16 episodes that interweave content from across the series. 

While covering much of the same material as volume two, Ellefson breaks out in new directions while expanding on how to invent planets, continents, sovereign powers, settlements, history, maps, and more. He also teaches experts and beginners alike how latitude, prevailing winds, and mountains affect climate and where vegetation grows. Learn how long it takes to travel over different terrain types and conditions by horse, wagon, sailing vessels, or even dragons.

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