Knock 'Em Dead

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Fork the haters.

After being demoted to the position of "cleaner" for the SSF, Gem's not sure life gets much worse. But when she stumbles upon a level six demon in her last trimester hiding in downtown New Orleans, she realizes she was very, very wrong.

Apparently, maternal instincts apply even to demon babies.

Gem can't let the council destroy such an innocent creature. Even if it is destined to grow up and try to eat her someday. On a mission to protect, Gem must figure out who's opened a portal for high level demons and what it has to do with her own father's murder—all while juggling an infant with a penchant for pop music and eating human flesh.

Her new boss might have something to say about Gem's methods. Good thing her baby daddy has decided to step up and help out. Gem's learned firsthand, if you've never seen an alpha sporting a baby sling, you're missing out.


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