Chasing Perfect Peace and Purpose in the Exhausting Pursuit of Something Better

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Girl, read your Bible.

You can eat all the kale, buy all the things, lift all the weights, take all the trips, trash all that doesn't spark joy, wash your face, and hustle like mad, but if you don't rest your soul in Jesus, you'll never find peace and purpose.

You've had enough of the hustle. You've given up trying to meet social media's impossible standards, and you're done living a life ruled by busyness. But where do you go from here?

For Alisha Illian, it wasn't until she learned to abide in God's truth that she finally found fulfillment. In Chasing Perfect, Alisha shares how God awakened her heart to prioritize what matters to him. She'll help you learn what it means to look beyond each day's diversions and live in surrender to the Savior. You'll see why it's so important to separate yourself from the self-first attitude of self-help culture; savor each blessing God has given you; and schedule - rather than squeeze in - daily time to spend with God.

You don't have to keep filling your calendar to the brim with unsatisfying distractions. Chasing Perfect will help you submit to God and experience his perfect renewal and rest.

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