The Trustworthy Leader Leveraging the Power of Trust to Transform Your Organization

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Trustworthy will reveal the benefits that organizations enjoy when trustworthy behavior is practiced regularly and consistently by their leaders. Drawing from examples from the 100 Best Companies to Work For, Amy Lyman, co-founder of the Great Place to Work Institute, shows leaders and managers at all levels why being trustworthy is such a powerful marker of leadership and how they can engage in trustworthy behavior. Being "trustworthy," she explains, means that a leader's behavior is rooted in his or her commitment to the value of trust--not simply an imitation of the practices of others. Trustworthy will make the case that trust is not a panacea: a successful organization needs a sense of purpose, clearly defined products and services that meet a need, and strategies and processes for getting products and services to market. But when this occurs within the context of trust and trustworthy behavior, the organization can be exponentially more successful. Trust is of increasing importance, particularly in the ongoing crisis with respect to leaders' lapses in ethical behavior.We are at a turning point in economic life and being trustworthy offers leaders a strategy that is likely to bring them greater positive recognition; greater acclaim as leaders; greater success in business as marked by revenue growth, innovation and reputation; and greater acclaim among employees as a person of integrity and honor.