The Tale Of Two Bad Mice

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Almost Tangible presents an adaptation of Beatrix Potter's classic 'The Tale Of Two Bad Mice'.

When Tom Thumb and his wife Hunca Munca go exploring in an empty doll's house they find a dinner table full of delicious food. Imagine their disappointment when it turns out the food is made of plaster!

Come join Tom and Hunca Munca for an afternoon of mayhem and mischief....

Read by Sheena Batthessa

With Eilidh Loan as The 2 Bad Mice, Mackensie Sutherland as The Little Girl, Niamh Shepheard as The Nurse, and Carl Prekopp as The Carol Singer

Director: Eilidh Loan. Sound Design: Johnny Edwards. Script Adaptation: Carl Prekopp. Producer: Charlotte Melén.