Napoleon Hill's Philosophy of Success The 17 Original Lessons

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Follow in the footsteps of the giants of success! Hill devoted his life to studying the question of what makes someone successful. After analyzing the success of more than 500 of the twentieth century's greatest achievers, his exhaustive research proved that the essence of success lies within seventeen principles that when used together serve as an infallible formula for achievement.

In this book, you will hear lectures delivered to individuals who were being trained in his organization to teach his philosophy. Through this exclusive course authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, you will learn how to acquire these seventeen necessary skills: Definiteness of Purpose; The Mastermind Alliance; Meaning of Faith; Pleasing Personality; Going the Extra Mile; Personal Initiative; Self-Discipline; Imagination; Enthusiasm; A Positive Mental Attitude; Learning from Adversity; Accurate Thinking; Sound Physical Health; Controlled Attention; Budgeting Your Time; Cooperation; and Cosmic Habit Force.