Teach Yourself About Shares A Self-help Guide to Successful Share Investing

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The bestselling, most comprehensive and trusted guide to share investing on the market — updated for the latest investment regulations and innovations— and now in audio for the very first time.
If you want to learn more about the sharemarket but you're unsure where to begin, or if you are already a share investor but want to improve your profitability on the market, this is the audiobook for you. Respected author, instructor, and trader Roger Kinsky defuses the painful jargon and demystifies the complexities that hold many people back from getting into the market. Along the way, he shows you how to build up your investing expertise with practical examples and self-test problems with supplied solutions that help you consolidate your learning and move onto your next step with confidence. It will see you trading with confidence in no time.
Set up and manage your investment portfolio according to your needs and goals
Understand the different types of shares and the reasons why share prices fluctuate
Learn how to profit from capital gains and dividends
Understand financial statistics and the basics of technical analysis (charting)
Know how to trade with confidence and the various types of orders you can place
Evaluate the market to trade the right shares at the right time
Avoid common pitfalls and traps, minimise your risks and maximise your profitability
Whether you're just starting out in your investing experience or looking to improve your investing success, this is your friendly, proven route to market success.


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