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  • Alternative Health for Moms and Kids

    06/11/2013 Duración: 3384h00s

    If you are going to DREAM BIG, you have to be willing to PLAY BIG. One of the biggest reasons women in business don't PLAY BIG is because they don't give themselves permission. Growing your SMALL business BIG is ... well... it's a BIG decision to make. Not everyone wants to play big--- and that is okay too. When I first became an entrepreneur... it was kind of a happy accident. I didn't set out to become a big income earner. All I wanted was to be able to afford to leave my corporate job (and my corporate salary) and get busy being a mom. I needed a way to FUND that. Playing BIG was NOT the intention. In my pursuit of a basic supplemental income, I discovered (totally unexpected) that I not only had a head for business, but I also had a knack for helping others bring their ideas into fruition. A mom business coach was born. I just returned from an amazingly CONTENT RICH business retreat-- one of the most effective programs for entrepreneurs I have EVER been a part of-- taught by my good friend Kim Flynn. She

  • Are you Generous in Business?

    06/11/2013 Duración: 3389h00s

    For most of us Moms, working at home is an ECONOMIC decision. Choosing to come home and place priority on raising children is NOT (necessarily) about personal fulfillment for moms. It's about doing what is practical and what works best for our families. Yet --IRONICALLY-- what started out as a way to earn a supplement to the family budget has become the new bar to clear in small business. We've raised the standards for what is possible...NOT what is expected. If you feel like there is more pressure on you to succeed--- YOU ARE RIGHT. As a human race, our nature is to improve and progress... BUT JUST MAYBE... the point is not to produce more pressure and stress, but simply-- HAPPY PARENTS-- who (as a result) are happier at parenting. Essentially our personal fulfillment is a GIFT for our families. When you are more generous with yourself and others, the world is more generous to you. Get your message out into the world more effectively, serve more clients, and increase your prosperity with a new and more power

  • Summer Activities 4 kids

    06/11/2013 Duración: 3384h00s

    Welcome to CAMP MOMMY! We are knee deep into summer and for many of us, our roles have transitioned from mom-preneur to mom-cierge. Our businesses may have to be scaled back during this time of year, but the work load hasn't decreased one iota. In my kid's world, Camp Mommy is filled with all sorts of busy activities: free bowling days, $1 movie days, water fun-filled play dates, concerts in the park, and indoor crafts (on those brutal-can't-go-outside-scorching HOT days). It's A LOT of work to keep my kids entertained! Do your children appreciate what a PRIVILEGE it is to have you at home? We already know the positive effects of exposing our children to our work-at-home careers, but it is important that we ENGAGE them in the freedoms that comes along with being financially independent. Not to mention if you are looking for some NEW ACTIVITIES to do with your children this summer (besides flooding the downstairs bathroom with water balloons) why not help them to earn a little money of their own? If you are lo

  • A Show for the Dreamers

    05/11/2013 Duración: 3413h00s

    Do you suffer from TOO MANY ideas? You may be FILLED with revolutionary concepts and visions ...many of them you imagine would make you CRAZY WEALTHY... if only you had a game plan to execute them. Or perhaps you've tried to implement some of your ideas, only to become inundated with new ideas that impose on your momentum and confuse your intention. In short--- YOU ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. Too many ideas is a sign of OVERWHELM First, don't beat yourself up. It isn't a terrible thing to be a "dreamer". In fact, there are many who envy your natural ability to have ideas pouring out of you. After all, you are an optimist and a visionary. Without thinkers like you, the world would be stagnant and motionless. The trick is to CAPITALIZE on your strength and not allow the influx of sparkling ideas to drown out the other tasks that will ensure your BEST IDEAS get put into action. Focus is key. It doesn’t mean you can’t have layers, complexity, and lofty ambitions. Without focus however, the Universe doesn’t know how t

  • Common Mommy Mindset Traps

    05/11/2013 Duración: 3381h00s

    Moms, the PEACE and CALM isn't gone from your life forever. You may not recognize yourself since your mommyhood "transformation" and you may not remember the last time your house was quiet. The reality is when you are juggling household responsibilities, a career, finances, relationships, kids, social events and school activities-- that CALMNESS can melt into a full blow TANTRUM. It’s not easy striking a balance between meeting the endless needs of others and finding the much-needed time for yourself to replenish your reserves. What's a busy mom to do? On today's show, we'll give you the answers to the following: When should you say ‘yes’ and when should you say ‘no’? How is it possible to let go of guilt? How can you stop feeling selfish when you DO take time for yourself? When April O’Leary, Certified Life Coach, Founder of The University of Moms and mother of 3, talks about the importance of finding time for self-care and practical ways to stop yelling... she speaks from personal experience. As a former el

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