The Magic Feather Effect: The Science Of Alternative Medicine And The Surprising Power Of Belief

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The acclaimed author of Pandora’s Lunchbox and former New York Times reporter delivers an “entertaining and highly useful book that gives you the tools to understand how alternative medicine works, so you can confidently make up your own mind” (The Washington Post).

We all know someone who has had a seemingly miraculous cure from an alternative form of medicine: a friend whose chronic back pain vanished after sessions with an acupuncturist or chiropractor; a relative with digestive issues who recovered with herbal remedies; a colleague whose autoimmune disorder went into sudden inexplicable remission thanks to an energy healer or healing retreat.

The tales are far too common to be complete fabrications, yet too anecdotal and outside the medical mainstream to be taken seriously scientifically. How do we explain them and the growing popularity of alternative medicine more generally? In The Magic Feather Effect, author and journalist Melanie Warner takes us on a vivid, important journey through the world of alternative medicine. Visiting prestigious research clinics and ordinary people’s homes, she investigates the scientific underpinning for the purportedly magical results of these practices and reveals not only the medical power of beliefs and placebo effects, but also the range, limits, and uses of the surprising system of self-healing that resides inside us.

Equal parts helpful, illuminating, and compelling, The Magic Feather Effect is a “well-written survey of alternative medicine…fair-minded, thorough, and focused on verifiable scientific research” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

Warner’s enlightening, engaging deep dive into the world of alternative medicine and the surprising science that explains why it may work is an essential read.


  • 001 TheMagicFeatherEffect Open

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  • 002 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter1 DonnasEden

    Duración: 30min
  • 003 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter2 LostInTranslation

    Duración: 32min
  • 004 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter3 TellTaleToothpicks

    Duración: 17min
  • 005 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter4 ThePharmacyWithin

    Duración: 47min
  • 006 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter5 HealingPartners

    Duración: 39min
  • 007 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter6 MyBackIsOut

    Duración: 27min
  • 008 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter7 FeelingInMyBody

    Duración: 18min
  • 009 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter8 BrainPain

    Duración: 32min
  • 010 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter9 IllnessOfDisease

    Duración: 42min
  • 011 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter10 TheZenResponse

    Duración: 30min
  • 012 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter11 EmotionalRescue

    Duración: 43min
  • 013 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter12 AllInMyHead

    Duración: 31min
  • 014 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter13 SomethingToBelieveIn

    Duración: 41min
  • 015 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter14 BelievingIsSeeing

    Duración: 39min
  • 016 TheMagicFeatherEffect Chapter15 WhyDoctorsNeedToBeMoreLikeAlternativeHealersAndViceVersa

    Duración: 22min
  • 017 TheMagicFeatherEffect Close

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