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There are two purposes of iRelaxation. The first is to relax you immediately. To leave you feeling CALM, at ease, more self-assured and COMPOSED, and to be able to instantly access a state where you feel deeply RELAXED...a state that feels really good. The second part of iRelaxation is to help to you access more feelings of relaxation whenever you want them into the future. Because once a person has felt a certain way once, you can access these feelings again whenever you like. Now the more you listen to iRelaxation, the more practiced and effective you'll be at altering your state and becoming more relaxed anytime. Tony Wrighton is the UK's best-selling self-development author, and all these techniques have been proven to work with hundreds of thousands of people. Do not listen if you suffer from epilepsy. If you're sceptical - great. You do not have to believe in anything. All you have to do is follow the iExercise instructions. And start to relax.