Ananzi and the Lion

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Ananzi is a small spider. One day he buys fat and a very big frying pan, then he goes to the bay and calls the Head-fish to him. He says to the fish that it must bring all fish on shore and they will get new life. When the fish come out of the water he catches them and puts them in the frying pan. Then Ananzi puts fried fish into the sack and goes to the mountains. On the way, he meets the lion and the lion asks him, where he goes. Ananzi answers that he carries his mother's bones to the mountains to bury it. The lion thinks that Ananzi has deceived him, that's why he follows Ananzi. When Ananzi begins to eat fish, the Lion comes and begins to empty the sack with fish. Ananzi understands that the lion will eat up all his fish. How will Ananzi solve this problem? Read "Ananzi And The Lion" to know it.