The Piper

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The folklore of the Western Europe opens its doors to you with the French Fairy Tales. French folklore unites the fables, fairy tales, legends and songs of the Gauls, Franks, Normans, Bretons and other peoples living in France. Along with epic narratives, songs of trouvère and troubadours, a great place in the french literature is occupied by fairy tales which are particularly known by their literary rather than their folk, oral variants. The Piper tells us a story of a traveling musician leading a group of women somewhere to the belfry-tower of Plougean. Their road lies across a heath, where, as the women say, there is the city of Korigans, evil black dwarfs. Despite the women are telling the Piper to take another path, he is too bold to be afraid of Korigans, and he goes on...What will he find there? Don't hesitate to learn!