The Thistle's Experiences

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This story was published in 1869. There was a beautiful garden full of trees and flowers. It was belong to the lordly manor-house. The guests from the neighborhood, from town and country, were amazed by this beautiful garden. Outside the garden at the road-side, stood a great mighty Thistle who was so big that it might have been called a thistle bush. This thistle was covered by beautiful flowers but nobody liked him and nobody looked at him except the old ass. The old donkey told to a thistle that he was beautiful and he wanted to eat him. There was a great company at the manor-house. At this company there was a young lady who came from a long distance. She came from Scotland. She saw a great mighty thistle and said to her partner that it was the flower of Scotland, it bloomed in the scutcheon of my country. Her partner brought the fairest blossom and she placed the thistle-flower in the buttonhole of the young man. Read it till the end to know what happened to a young lady and her partner and how the thistle responded to this.