Simply Spanish Basics For English Speakers

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Simply Spanish Basics is an excellent learning tool for any individual wanting to learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Whether you are a business professional, student, or someone just looking for a new challenge, Simply Spanish Basics makes learning a new language both fun and easy.
The audiobook is divided into three parts. Part I begins by introducing the Spanish alphabet and numbers, and it continues with easy to use words and phrases. Part II provides vocabulary and basic conversational skills for topics such as food and drink, time, weather, and clothing. Part III introduces the basics of grammar, verbs, and dialogue.
In all three parts, the focus of Simply Spanish Basics is fundamental vocabulary and communication skills. The audiobook is a helpful instructional tool for a variety of individuals, and is easy and fun to use. Upon completion, any Simply Spanish Basics learner will feel comfortable communicating in a new language!
The Featured Tracks are:
Part I:
1. An Introduction to Spanish for Practical Use
2. Helpful Tips: Using your PC, Listening and Reading Along
3. A Place to Start: the Alphabet and Numbers
4. The Alphabet
5. Basic Pronunciation
6. Numbers
7. Days, Months, Seasons & Meals
8. Let's Talk! Core Words and Phrases
9. Emergencies. Part II: Introduction to Spanish for Intermediate Users
11. People
12. Body
13. Clothes
14. Colors
15. Food & Drink;
16. Time
17. Weather
Part III:
18. Introduction to Grammar, Verbs, and Related Subjects
19. Verbs: Conjugations, Subject Pronouns, and Past Tense
20. Grammar: Pronouns, Gender, Adjectives, and Prepositions
21. Questions, Negatives, Public Forms of Speech
22. Directions
23. Dialogue: Putting It All Together
24. Summary.
This product is part of the Simply Language series, published by Simply Magazine.


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