Dummling and The Three Feathers

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Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm started to write fairy tales in 1807 while travelling in Hessia and Westphalia. Their first collection of fairy tales came out in 1812. Brothers Grimm's works had a huge influence on further children writers. Their tales are appreciated by children all over the world. Grimm's fairytales are kind and captivating. Their characters often face various difficulties, but always overcome them and become happy. One of this stories is "Dummling and the three feathers". The main characters are three brothers. Their father, the King, promised to give his kingdom to the one who complete a different task. Two elder brothers are smart and cunning. They are arrogant and do not consider the youngest as their rival. He is a simple and kind guy. Who is going to win and become a king? Read the fairy tale and you'll know.