The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids

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Welcome to the magic world of Grimm's fairy tales! Let's read one of the most famous stories – The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids (also known as The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats). The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats is a fable collected by the Brothers Grimm, tale number 5. A mother goat leaves her seven kids at home and warns her young goats about big bad wolf who will try to catch and eat them. After few attempts big bad wolf outwits the goats, gets into the house and eats six goats. When mother goat comes back, she finds only one little kid who shows the big bad wold falling asleep. Mother goat cuts open the wolf's belly and saves her children. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids perfectly suits kids of all ages – read this fairy tale with your children and plunge into the miraculous atmosphere of Grimm's fairytales!