Terrahawks, Volume 2 Eight Brand-New Audio Episodes

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"Terrahawks, stay on this channel...."

Back for more, after 2015's popular release, is Terrahawks, the fondly remembered action-adventure comedy originally brought to you by the men who created Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Dick Spanner.

In the not too distant future, the Earth finds itself under constant threat from Zelda, a blood-thirsty android who, along with her fiendish family and monstrous creations, has established a base on Mars. The only thing standing between this evil queen and her quest for the ultimate annihilation of mankind are the Terrahawks - an intrepid band of heroes led by the stern but fair clone, Doctor Tiger Ninestein.

In this new series, the Terrahawks defence grows all the more desperate when a terrifying new enemy joins the androids on Mars. This new villain has a sinister connection to Queen Zelda; and together with an army of new monsters, the Earth doesn't stand a chance!

Guk Warning: This audio features murder, violence, destruction and warfare, all involving puppets - some scenes may be disturbing for puny Earth-scum!

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