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"How quickly do you want to start to feel well again?"

Tony is the UK's best-selling self-development author on iTunes, and his down-to-earth, contemporary style has helped a whole new generation to find self-help accessible and start to make simple, effective changes to their lives.

In the quest for physical health, sometimes we neglect to look after our minds. One of the problems of getting sick is that much of what we tend to think about is how sick we are and how ill we are. iHealth is not a miracle cure. It just uses powerful cutting-edge hypnotic and creative visualisation techniques to help you feel better at a deep unconscious level. When you can start thinking about perfect health, feeling well and a deep sense of wellbeing and calm, your physical and mental health can start to improve, because to wish to be well is a part of becoming well. Using the power of the unconscious mind, the body can make deep and powerful changes as you listen, and relax, and start to feel better.