No White Knight Secrets of Stone

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I was once told that the woman you have to work the hardest for would be the one worth working for by far—and Taylor Mathews has turned the expression into a mantra for me. Here I am, Maclain Stone, centering my very existence on the woman. She's quickly become my obsession, and my reason for trying to be a better human—though trust me when I say that may never happen.

But I'm going to try. For her.

The fight…

But fate may have the last laugh. Years of living in the fast lane, literally and figuratively, are catching up with me as I fight to downshift into a lower gear and win the right to commit to this incredible woman who has tumbled into my life.

The favor…

I'm ready for the change, but is she? So far, she's rejected every offer I've made, and shut every door in my face. If she won't admit her feelings to herself, how can she commit to me?