Dark Matters: Exodus Dark Matters, Book 3

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The Final Chapter in the Award-Winning Dark Matters Trilogy

Several months have passed since the shocking events in Ramsar. Monique and Jonas remain locked away in an Iranian prison; billions watch as the world's leaders continue to debate their fate. Meanwhile, the Hanssen asteroid is fast approaching Earth's orbit. At last, the Consortium's end game is at hand. Will Rudy uncover the truth behind the Chairman's unimaginable plan, before it's too late? Will Pax find a way to rescue Monique and redeem himself? Or will Monique and Jonas finally unravel the mystery of dark matter—setting humanity on a course that even they never could have predicted?

The Consortium will stop at nothing to achieve their decades-old objective. With the fate of the humanity hanging in the balance, Rudy must find a way to topple the Chairman's plans, without exposing himself and putting his family at risk.


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