Sandler Success Principles 11 Insights that Will Change the Way You Think and Sell

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Discover the 11 insights that will change the way you think and sell. Improve performance through self-awareness and relationships. Mattson and Seidman — C-level executives at Sandler Training, a world leader in sales training — focus listeners on the 11 core principles that can reshape identity and promote professional growth.

The Sandler System reveals the insights necessary to shift your own beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes to match those of the highest earning, most successful sales representatives. Excel at selling by overcoming the root causes of negative behaviors. Using the framework of Transactional Analysis, the study of communication and its effect on human development and relationships, readers will understand how they arrived at the results, good or bad, that they have had up until now. Listeners will learn:

  • Why self-control is a powerful weapon and how it creates predictably lucrative relationships.
  • How to don their armor going into battle and when to relax in their own castle.
  • How to leave their "inner child" in the car during sales calls.