History Revealed: Living with the Tudors Episode 48

More than 400 years have passed since the death of the last Tudor monarch, yet our fascination with the dynasty shows no sign of abating.

History Revealed: The Extraordinary Tale of Cyrus the Great Episode 85

By the time Cyrus the Great entered Babylon in October 539 BC, he had defeated three empires – and secured his own for 200 years...

History Revealed: The Vikings Episode 55

The Viking Age stretched from the ninth to the 11th centuries. During this era, the Vikings cast their raiding-and trading nets wide many centuries before Columbus sailed the...

History Revealed: Battlefield Gettysburg Episode 71

William Cuffay’s arrest and trial sees him transported to the other side of the world – but he never gives up on people’s rights

History Revealed: Aldrin's Odyssey Episode 73

Buzz Aldrin was a brilliant engineer and a brave astronaut, but he struggled to cope with life back on Earth, as Piers Bizony recounts.

History Revealed: Hannibal's March Episode 75

Leading his army on a perilous trek from Spain to Italy, the great general scored a series of unlikely victories against the mighty Roman Empire, but ultimately fell short.

History Revealed: Elizabeth Beneath the Mask Episode 87

To her people she was a creature of beauty and mother of the nation, but behind closed doors hid a queen riddled with insecurities and plagued by bouts of depression.

History Revealed: 50 Big questions about World War 1 Episode 50

This year marks 100 years since Europe, and then the world, went to war. Read on to discover the key stories from this terrible global conflict and how it will be remembered.

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