Learn About Shapes and Sizes

A shape and sizes audiobook that describes real objects to which children will relate.

Frankie The Brave Fireman

Frankie the fireman was laughed and teased until he saved a dog from a burning building.


Mr. Pete, owner of the Splashy Paint Shop, teaches Chris and Lisa all about colors. They learn about mixing colors to come up with a completely different color and they learn...

Blinky the Lighthouse Ship

Blinky was a small lighthouse ship that felt like he didn’t get respect from the larger vessels in the harbor. His friend, the funny looking pelican named Peppy cheers him up...

Days, Months Seasons

Learn About Days, Months and Season teaches the days of the week and and the months of the year. It takes the next step and relates the months to the seasons. Done in simple rhyme...

Fun With Time

Learn to tell time with this audiobook of the events of the day in the lives of different animals. Includes music and narration.