Bess y Tess

Easy-to-read text describes Lucy's two very different dogs.

El lugar de Luis

Mike describes what he likes to do at his favorite place, the beach.

El mejor futbolista

When the children play soccer, Katy is the best player of them all. She runs fast, kicks hard, cheers loudly, scores goals, and steals the ball.

Meg sale a pasear

All about the adventures that occur when Meg takes her dog Peg for a walk.

Dan pone la mesa

Dan has forgotten something very important while setting the table for supper.


Grandpa, Mom, and Dad try to cheer Ben up while Grandpa packs up to move.

Se me cayo un diente

Kim has a bad morning when she wakes up late and loses a tooth, but the next morning she feels much better.

El cuadro de Mary

Mary paints a balloon, a tree, and a sun before realizing that her artwork is missing something very important.

De pesca

Easy-to-read text describes Joe and Dad's attempts to catch fish for dinner.

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