Book of Obadiah, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

In a private conversation with Obadiah, God reveals that he plans to punish the House of Esau for betraying House Jacob and House Josef.

Gospel of Mark, The - The Holy Bible King - James Version

The Gospel of Mark follows Jesus and his friends travelling around in Israel and neighboring countries. Jesus funds his travelling working as a healer and he spread his doctrine...

Book of Zephaniah, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

The book of Zephaniah is about a very angry man who envision the death of everyone he doesn't like, specifically city dwellers and other races. In Zephaniah's hateful vision...

Letters of Peter (First and Second)

Letter's of Peter are two ancient letters written by Jesus right-hand man Peter Simon. In Peter's first letter he tell his followers to live good lives and follow the law. He...

Letter to the Galatians

In Paul's Letter to the Galatians, he argues that it doesn't matter if a Christian is circumcised or uncircumcised. Furthermore he claims that it is more important to have a pure...

Book of Malachi, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

In the book of Malachi, Malachi is upset with the people that offers God poor offerings, and ask God for favors. He is particularly upset with the Jews in Judah that follows a new...

Book of Habakkuk, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

The Prophet Habakkuk complains to God that the heathens seems to lead better lives than the Jews. God tells Habakkuk to write down his woes, and promises to deal with the issue......

Book of Nahum, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

Nahum is angry and sees visions were the city of Nineveh, the Assyrian capital, is destroyed and the Assyrian inhabitants are murdered or sold off as slaves.

Book of Jude, The - The Holy Bible King James Version

Jude, the brother of James, writes a short letter to his followers preaching against homosexuality and hedonistic lifestyles.

The Book of Haggai -The Holy Bible King James Version

A prophet called Haggai lectures the people and their leaders about the importance of being industrious, saving money, and rebuilding derelict buildings.

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