History Revealed: The Extraordinary Tale of Pocahontas Episode 47

On 5 April, the romanticised heroine of Hollywood movies entered into the first inter-racial marriage in American history.

History Revealed: The Biggest Bloodiest Battle Ever Fought On English Soil Episode 44

Julian Humphrys explores the Battle of Towton, a brutal clash between the armies of Lancaster and York that saw thousands fight, and die, in howling winds and driving snow.

History Revealed: 2nd Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda Episode 42

Hiroo Onoda’s World War II comes to an end in the forests of Lubang Island – almost 30 years after Japan’s surrender.

History Revealed: Brunel the Great Engineer Episode 46

Original, extravagant and daring, Isambard Kingdom Brunel dedicated his life to his work, changing Britain and the world forever.

History Revealed: Living with the Tudors Episode 48

More than 400 years have passed since the death of the last Tudor monarch, yet our fascination with the dynasty shows no sign of abating.

History Revealed: Ghandi Spirit of a Nation Episode 41

The Mahatma’s doctrine of peaceful protest saw him face prison time, violence and death, all for Indian independence.

History Revealed: 12 Years a Slave Episode 45

Mark Glancy explores the extraordinary story behind HollywoodÆs critical hit, 12 Years a Slaveà

History Revealed: Shakelton's Antarctic Rescue Mission Episode 43

Pat Kinsella tells the incredible story of Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated journey to the Antarctic and his crew’s desperate fight for survival.