In The Moment: Say It Out Loud Episode 7

Podcasts offer us a fresh way of looking at things, encouraging us to challenge negative ways of thinking. Through them, we can find new ways to be creative and consider options...

In The Moment: Sisu And The Power Of Determination Episode 10

All of us face moments when we are presented with a choice: to give up or buckle down. These are ‘sisu moments’, says Finnish writer Joanna Nylund; the times when stoicism can...

History Revealed: The Extraordinary Tale of Patty Hearst Episode 79

Patty Hearst falls for her kidnappers and joins them in a daring bank robbery, but how dedicated a criminal was she?

History Revealed: Kerouac and Cassady Episode 63

Follow the novelist and his Beat Gen buddies tracing the routes that inspired Kerouacs seminal work on the road. A bible for a generation of road trippers.

History Revealed: Socrates Episode 91

The Greek philospher's enquiring mind made him the most influential thinker in history but his uncompromising morals lead him to death at his own hands

History Revealed: Hannibal's March Episode 75

Leading his army on a perilous trek from Spain to Italy, the great general scored a series of unlikely victories against the mighty Roman Empire, but ultimately fell short.

History Revealed: Elizabeth Beneath the Mask Episode 87

To her people she was a creature of beauty and mother of the nation, but behind closed doors hid a queen riddled with insecurities and plagued by bouts of depression.

History Revealed: Who Was the Bloodiest Tudor Episode 29

It is perhaps the most infamous dynasty in English history; One that ordered the executions of thousands. But who was its most murderous monarch?

History Revealed: The Extraordinary Tale of Pocahontas Episode 47

On 5 April, the romanticised heroine of Hollywood movies entered into the first inter-racial marriage in American history.

History Revealed: Schindler's List Episode 76

We look at the real characters and tragic events that inspired Steven Spielberg to create his heart-wrenching epic movie

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