Algunos niños son sordos/Some Kids Are Deaf

In both English and Spanish, this simple text describes kids who are deaf, the ways they communicate, and some of their everyday activities.

Yo manejo un camión de la basura/I Drive a Garbage Truck

Feel the power of a bulldozer as it topples a tree. Hear the crash of the blade as the snowplow works to clear the street. Learn about these and other mighty machines and the...

Un cuarto para dos

Anne gets a treat for keeping her side of their shared room neat and clean, however messy Gina does not.

Anaranjado/Orange Mira el anaranjado que te rodea/Seeing Orange All Around Us

Introduces some common objects that are orange in color including carrots, pumpkins, and basketballs. Written in English and Spanish.

20,000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino

Scientist Pierre Aronnax and his trusty servant set sail to hunt a sea monster. With help from the world’s greatest harpooner, the men discover that the creature is really a...


Mike is always clumsy and inept when he goes camping with his friends, but one night his problems come in handy.

Blanca Nieves Version del cuento de los hermanos Grimm

A retelling of the classic tale of a girl whose stepmother, jealous of Snow White's beauty, causes her to fall into a deep sleep.

El sonido Fuerte, suave, alto y bajo

Ecos, tímpanos, vibraciones y volumen. Vívidas ilustraciones y textos sencillosexploran la asombrosa ciencia del sonido. Cada libro tiene un glosario, actividades prácticas y...

Maquina del Tiempo

A scientist invents a machine that carries him into the future. While there, he discovers a race of gentle humans. He also meets some evil creatures. Even worse, his Time...

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