La energía Calor, luz y combustible

La energía de la comida hace que te levantes cada día. La energía de una cascada hace que tu lámpara se prenda. Conoce las distintas formas de energía. ¡Mira todo lo que...

El Extraño Caso del Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde

Scientist Dr. Henry Jekyll believes every human has two minds: one good and one evil. He develops a potion to separate them from each other. Soon, his evil mind takes over, and...

El cuervo y la jarra Versión de la fábula de Esopo

When a thirsty crow cannot drink from a pitcher because the water level is too low, she uses her ingenuity to solve the problem.

Meg sale a pasear

All about the adventures that occur when Meg takes her dog Peg for a walk.

Yo manejo un quitanieves/I Drive a Snowplow

Feel the power of a bulldozer as it topples a tree. Hear the crash of the blade as the snowplow works to clear the street. Learn about these and other mighty machines and the...

Verde/Green Mira el verde que te rodea/Seeing Green All Around Us

Introduces some common objects that are green in color including plants and frogs. Written in English and Spanish.

Viajes de Gulliver, Los

Lemuel Gulliver always dreamed of sailing across the seas, but he never imagined the places his travels would take him. His adventures could be the greatest tales ever told, if he...

El aire Afuera, adentro y en todos lados

¿Por qué se nos tapan los oídos en un elevador? ¿Qué hace que los globos de aire caliente suban al cielo? Descubre todo lo que hace el aire en este maravilloso libro.

Max va a la escuela

Max, who loves to read, discovers all the services available to him during a visit to the library.

Max va a la peluqueria

Describes Max's visit to the barber, as he gets his hair cut and combed.

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