Maude by ROSSETTI, Christina

Maude is a novella by Christina Rossetti, written in 1850 but published posthumously in 1897. Considered by scholars to be semi-autobiographical, the protagonist is 15-year-old...

Cyril Gerald-quinn Sports Podcast

catch the next edition of The Cyril Gerald-Quinn Sports Podcast as I discuss the World of sports and pop culture.

Gerald Celente - Trend Vision 2020

Hosted by Gerald Celente, Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute, best-selling author, and publisher of the Trends Journal, with a forty-year track record of...

Vantage Point W/ Gerald Walker

Conversation, information, inspiration, empowerment, motivation and companionship from Gerald Walker and his peers. For more information, go to

Interview with Gerald and Betty Ford

In an interview at the 1984 Republican Convention, former President Gerald Ford and Betty Ford talk about the re-nomination of President Reagan and Vice President Bush, the...

Paradigm Shift With Christina Martini

Welcome to Paradigm Shift, the podcast about the intersection of business and law. By changing yourself, you can change your business.

Bird Raptures by ROSSETTI, Christina

LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of Bird Raptures by Christina Georgina Rossetti. This was the Weekly Poetry project for September 11, 2011.Christina Georgina Rossetti...

The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore

Christina Lattimore’s family is wealthy and powerful. She attends the best private high school. Yet Christina feels trapped by her family’s expectations. Frustrated and angry...

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