Elisa: Digitalisaatio300

Elisan Digitalisaatio300 -podcast-sarjassa käsitellään digitalisaation eri ilmentymiä kyberturvasta älykkääseen verkkoon. Jokaisessa jaksossa vieraana on kuhunkin aiheeseen...

Las Hijas De Eva Y Lilith: Conoce Y Sana A Todas Las Mujeres Que Hay En Ti

Elisa Queijeiro es una humanista que nació comunicóloga. Su particular manera, ágil y divertida, de narrar la historia y la cultura la ha convertido en la especialista...

Paul Cano

Welcome to the Paul Cano podcast, where progression is the goal.

Mario Cano

I like to share my emotions and explain my why of everything. I I think we all are connected.

Podcast De Luis Cano

Temas variados como son música, artes, cultura, noticias, reflexiones, criticas y mucho mas.

Entrando Pelo Cano

O podcast Entrando Pelo Cano é apresentado por Renan Greca e Douglas Novelli. Seu foco é a comunidade gamer de Curitiba e do Brasil.

Meu Nome Não É Elisa

Para que falar com as paredes se podemos ter um podcast para falar sobre cinema, literatura e novela?!Apresentado por Jessica Bandeira e Patrícia Jarra, pós-graduadas em...

What Every Child Needs: Getting To The Heart Of Mothering

The love you have for your children can give them a foundation for life -- provided you show it in the ways they need most. And now there’s help from the people best qualified...

The Beauty Of Broken: My Story And Likely Yours Too

Find beauty and hope by facing and dealing with the messiness of family life.The family is an imperfect institution. Broken people become broken parents who make broken families....

What Every Mom Needs: Meet Your Nine Basic Needs (and Be A Better Mom)

In this unabridged audio download, Elisa outlines nine needs identified by members of MOPS--significance, identity, growth, intimacy, instruction, help, recreation, perspective,...

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