Hidden in the Haunted School The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Book 144

The old abandoned school in Silver City is being fixed up as an art center and the Boxcar Children volunteer to help clean up the place. But the other volunteers are scared by the...

The Legend of the Irish Castle The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Book 142

The Aldens visit Ireland and stay in a beautiful castle that's now a hotel! But the caretaker seems very superstitious, and at night they see a mysterious figure who walks the...

The Sleepy Hollow Mystery The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Book 141

The Aldens visit the spooky town of Sleepy Hollow, where someone—or something—is scaring visitors. Could the legendary headless horseman be real?

The Mystery of the Stolen Dinosaur Bones

The Boxcar Children are trying to track down a dinosaur bone thief! But another set of tracks in a cave leads to a whole new mystery...

The Mystery of the Stolen Snowboard

Clayton Hollow does the best snowboarding tricks! But someone's playing a trick on him by stealing his snowboard. Can the Aldens help him?

The Return of the Graveyard Ghost

Can visiting a gravesite bring bad luck? The Boxcar Children explore the local cemetery's secrets to discover the truth behind an old legend!

Mystery of the Fallen Treasure

A backpack full of jewels has fallen out of a plane! Was it just an accident? The Boxcar Children need to find out what happened!

The Gymnastics Mystery

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are happy to share their home with Katya, the young gymnast, and watch her practice for the big competition. When things start going wrong at the...

The Ghost Town Mystery

Grandfather has just bought a plot of land in the Rocky Mountains - complete with a ghost town! When the Aldens hear their land is haunted, they don't believe it. But when they...

The Mystery in the Mall

The Aldens are helping out at Penny's Emporium, a novelty shop in the mall. But soon, everything starts to go wrong! Merchandise disappears, and doors start locking mysteriously....

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