Mared & Karen

Abandoned Summit



Darrell Rice is released from prison, but the publicity of his indictments makes a normal life elusive. The FBI plans a summit to examine other possible murders by Evonitz, but it falls by the wayside. Two decades later, we give it a shot. Description / Show Notes: The Pamela Gould Special — We’re hosting this 24-page special investigation from the Fredericksburg Freelance-Star until it is made available elsewhere. If you want to dive deep on the comparisons of Rice, Evonitz, and forensic evidence, this is where to start. Rt. 29 Sketches — Images of all six sketches, plus photos of Rice and Evonitz “The FBI should use DNA, not posters, to solve a cold-case murder” — Dierdre Enright’s 2021 appeal in the Washington Post to check Evonitz DNA in the slayings of Julie & Lollie Innocence Project says answers to cold-case Shenandoah murders may sit buried in FBI evidence locker — A report by WUSA9, including interviews with Julie’s father, the parents of Alicia Showalter Reynolds, and Dierdre Enright Thank you to ou