Ally Loprete

The World Needs You to Thrive



You aren't the only one who suffers when you deny your gifts to the world. Children are watching and learning how to deal with these adverse times by observing our responses and reactions. Have you honored yourself the way you'd hope for them to do for themselves? How many million dollar ideas have you talked yourself out of over the years? Have you fully stepped into your talents? It's important to build confidence in your unique creativity. But more importantly, to use your creative life force to become a cultural arbiter. The elusive nature of self-belief is critical. If you are someone who undervalues your own assets, you are denying the world innovation. Many women leaders underestimate their capabilities and rarely feel competent even when they have peaked at high performance levels. In truth, those who are most accomplished and credentialed struggle with self-worth and assurance all the same. The gap... is in your confidence. You may feel like a victim to circumstances that were painful and traumat