Ally Loprete

Your year deserves a new story!



Welcome to the next year of your life! Every single year we say the same thing: “THIS is going to be my year. I can FEEL it!” And then we look back and categorize them into good years vs. the bad years depending on if things went our way. We are victims to our experiences whether we are satisfied with them or not… because we continue to give away our power. Not this year. The best way to ensure that you have an amazing year… is to rewrite your story and change your paradigms. Check out these true inspirations: ❤︎ A veteran nearly drinks himself to death before writing a book that captures the horror of living through a war. The writing helps him turn his life around. ❤︎ A young mother who learns she has stage four cancer as she holds her newborn asks the author to help her write her story before she dies. She starts a blog, writes her memoir, and survives. ❤︎ A beautiful woman carries twenty years of rage inside until she begins to write and share poems revealing her brutal rape. Her writing transforms