Ally Loprete

How we are going to RE-HUMANIZE and win the war with one another



A call for Re-HUMANIZATION Time for you to answer it. When technologies and advancements that were originally intended to serve humanity cause us to become BLIND TO HUMANITY, we need to make a commitment to restoring our emotional connection for the sake of human dignity. It’s a top priority. Awareness of Awareness Are we even aware of when we have completely lost ourselves to the DARK SIDE? It all starts when we make a firm decision to GROW…whatever the cost. But here is where it gets tricky: We cannot grow unless we identify the behaviors that need improvement. We cannot identify our behaviors unless we are willing to truly see our shortcomings. And most of us are not. Why should I have to behave with kindness and empathy when everybody else gets to be mean and nasty? Because hate begets hate. And when you do what everyone else is doing, you are part of the problem. And it’s an indication that you are on your way to losing the ability to think for yourself. And you must call upon your courageousnes