Ally Loprete

YOU have a responsibility to TRUTH



Finding the Truth Isn’t Easy I haven’t seen the outside of a library in weeks. One of the reasons that I decided to go to graduate school is because I was tired of not knowing the truth. I wanted to learn how to research credible resources and be able to collect accurate and unbiased data. Have we forgotten why we are here? In the last decade alone I have found myself, like so many of you, in a never-ending and ineffective argument. “Your media source lies. Mine tells the truth.” If we are not operating with the same set of facts, how can we even begin to heal the state of our nation? This argument has become such a widespread epidemic that we have lost the ability to communicate with one another and work through the issues that are most important like the welfare of our planet, our physical and mental health, the ability to educate ourselves, freedom of agency, the ability to earn an honest living, and so much more. Some of us don’t even know what is at stake because we are so misinformed. The rest of