Ally Loprete

Don't Think. Just Create



If love is what you seek, let love be your response. If you are aching for peace and harmony, you are not alone. Recent events has filled the media, workspace and cyber boards with adversity and distress around the world. Being emotionally depleted from such toxic stress can lead to mental instability and physical discomfort… but you don’t have to play that game. The best way to cope is to CREATE. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The worst thing you can do is NOTHING. Activism and creativity have been proven to keep our mental faculties in shape when the world feels uncertain and misplaced. True innovation requires faith in what you cannot see. This is a tricky suggestion because it implies that you need to have a clear and concise vision for your future, like the ability to see into a crystal ball and predict your destiny. Not exactly. A better way to describe it is being able LET GO of what you do not see and knowing that –whatever it is– it will always be in your favor. When you can have this