Ally Loprete

Are you Over-Scheduled?



There is just not enough time to save the world… Women, you amaze me. You accomplish so much every day (that you probably get very little credit for) and you just keep raising the bar higher and higher! But are you fulfilled? You have collectively aimed into the stratosphere to be the most creative and dynamic leaders, the best parents with all the answers, daily life-savers to your children, the most understanding and loving partners, the best and most reliable friends…. It’s no wonder sometimes you feel like you could break! Time for an Intervention Overachievers tend to overdo it, and women especially put too much pressure on themselves to do an unrealistic amount of tasks every day. If this sounds like you, it is possible that have set too high expectations on yourself, and you could be making yourself sick. Being a perfectionist and having a terribly demanding mindset is wearing you out! Time to Reclaim Your Sanity! If you are one of the 55 million women struggling with too much to do and not enough