Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrends] Welcome to the SMEQ with Elise Quevedo



The SMEQ (Social Media Emotional Quotient) is the art and influence of creating, attracting and building better business relationships through digital media. We need to understand the importance of keeping our online activities interactive and with a human feel. In this #travelcast episode, I was pleased to receive Elise Quevedo, Author, Global Key Opinion Leader, Keynote Speaker. We live in a world where peer to peer recommendation is more important than brand promotion and Elise Quevedo will talk how although we are moving into a world of automation, bots and AI, there are some aspects we still need to keep more personal. Remember that there is still a human being behind pretty much everything we create in the cyber world and by keeping some of those areas more emotional and real, we can make our business grow.