Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrends] Personalization In Travel with Juanjo Rodriguez



Tomorrow’s travelers will want to travel the world in just one way – their own way. They'll want to put together their own unique travel experiences, tap into inspiration from other travelers and then share their own personal plans with friends. That’s how they see the future of travel. In this #travelcast episode, I was pleased to receive Juanjo Rodriguez, CEO & Founder at The Hotels Network ( and we spoke on: Personalization In Travel. Personalization has become something of a buzzword in business this year. But far from being a passing fad, those hotels that get it right stand to gain a lot. A boutique hotel that understands the importance of customer satisfaction and what drives it, will no doubt recognize why a personalized offering is becoming more important than ever before. Links: On Linkedin Personal profile: Hotel Network;