Rebecca Juro Show

Rebecca Juro Show 5-1-14 w/ Diego Sanchez, Will Kohler, Chloe Sagal, Lexi Richardson



Becky's guest, PFLAG Director of Policy (and former Barney Frank staffer) Diego Sanchez brings new insight about ENDA. Then gamers Chloe Sagal and Lexi Richardson join Becky in a fun discussion about Trans online and MMORPG gaming. Will Kohler of has words you'll want to hear about marriage, and they're not what you'd expect! Plus Becky's observations about a new internet video, trans-defamation and cisgender privilege. She's got more hot button topics than should be allowed by law in one show! Note: we're no longer able to include some music from the live show in Becky's podcasts, but the remarkable songs of our trans artists are streamed 24/7 at Q1dotFM on Live365! Fair Use Notice: This transformative remix work may contain fair use of copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the US copyright law.