Rebecca Juro Show

Rebecca Juro Show 4-10-2014 w/guest Parker Marie Molloy



Becky welcomes Advocate's trans issues correspondent Parker Marie Molloy. Parker's articles about Dallas Buyers Club and I F*cking Hate RuPaul, the reader response, plus her thoughts on writing for the community are featured in a wide-ranging discussion. Then, Becky talks about her own book writing experience and all the top news of the day. (follow Parker on Twitter @ParkerMolloy) Join us! Note: we're no longer able to include some music from the live show in Becky's podcasts, but the remarkable songs of our trans artists are streamed 24/7 at Q1dotFM on Live365! Fair Use Notice: This transformative remix work may contain fair use of copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the US copyright law.